Stunning Kitchen Makeovers Ideas that you would Love

Kitchen is that one room in your home that needs to be absolutely functional. As kitchen is the heart of your home, it must be stylish and functional. It is possible to give a stylish and powerful look to your kitchen. But it is essential to have little motivation before embarking on kitchen makeover. Here we can see few kitchen remodel ideas and renovation tips. You will definitely get inspired with the dramatic kitchen makeover of Malabary interiors, the best interior designers in Kerala.

Changing Small and Boring to Personality-packed

Your small and boring space can be easily changed to a personality packed one. Giving mosaic wall tiles and stony countertops which are durable and beautifying are ideal combination for a hard-working kitchen. You can give open shelves and can give colorful tableware and artwork displays. Moreover, it can be easily accessible while cooking.

Clutter-free and Sophisticated Space

Adding a subway wall backsplash and hardwood floor will keep the design to look extremely good. In to this space you need to add sufficient furniture to make the space clutter free. Mapletune is the best furniture designers in Kerala and are providing stylish and durable kinds of furniture. As furniture plays a major role in making you space beautiful and efficient, it is important to get best furniture solutions.

Stylish and Cooking Spaces

In a Kitchen, the layout plays a major role. Things like refrigerator, countertops and stove placement are most important. You can always try to consider the stove area near a window to get more natural light. Giving sufficient light fixtures will add to the look.

Giving a Touch of Modernization

You may feel that you kitchen is of an awkward setup. Yes, you can easily modernize it with few things in mind. Considering a contemporary upgrade is always a good idea. You can remove the wall between the kitchen and living room. This will give a more spacious and active look for both the spaces. After this, you can always try to give best setups for your kitchen.

Giving Old-world Charm

The old-world charm is a dreamy style for many people. You will love it, when it is incorporated with antiques, Venetian plaster walls, new wood ceiling beams, etc. Adding all these will give a finished look as they had been there for generations. These are few important things that you can consider for giving an upgraded look for your kitchen.


Modern Furniture Ideas for Bedrooms

Modern and stylish furniture is an unavoidable part in modern interior design style. Furniture greatly contributes to the look and feel of the interior space. Moreover, furniture brings us convenience and areas to relax in our personal spaces. Thus there are a number of things to do with furniture. Mapletune is the best furniture designer in India to deliver best quality furniture. You can buy best and suitable furniture from for your residential and commercial purposes.

Your home is where your heart is and your bedroom will be the place where the soul resides. You may have different design concepts and design aesthetics may vary with different people. But it is important to design a bedroom which will promote a good night’s rest and sleep. Here we can see few modern interior design ideas with their furniture designs.

Wooden Rhapsody

You can never go wrong when you are choosing to have a simple and luxurious combination of a wooden bed backdrop and a wooden floor. To this add some light colored furnishings and some warm yellow lights. With this you will get set with a modern rustic bedroom interior design. This is a simple and luxurious interior design idea.

Designs that are Class Apart

Adding layers of texture and pattern can keep a subtle yet bold looking interior design from feeling boring. Adding earth toned walls and cozy pillows along with a bit of bling on the sides of room can surely boost the bedroom’s appeal. Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Calicut to deliver such great interiors for bedrooms.

Greater Impact with Higher Ceiling

If you are having a bedroom space which has ceilings high above, adding a classic chandelier is a best way. To this a traditional headboard and an eclectic mirror can be added. These ideas can bring you modern and sophisticated bedroom interior designs.

Classy, Chic and Contemporary

Small bedrooms can look good when they are well designed. For this, you can consider adding gold undertones paired with dark grey or black furniture and also a light colored furnishing. You will definitely have a bedroom worth noticing.

Aesthetic Look with Neutral Accents

Change neutral décor bedrooms from looking boring to sophisticate one with warm colored lights and a designer carpet or a throw. Having wooden furniture in this space can add right amount of elegance. This is actually a minimalist interior design idea with fewer things in the space.

Luxurious Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

You might have read in several places that kitchen is the heart of our home. For some people food is seductive and home cooking is decadent. With the increased awareness of health benefits of homely cooked food, people are looking for best kitchen interiors. Luxurious interiors are a treat that we give to ourselves and now we can see how to make it. Here we can see few inspirational kitchen interior design ideas that will prove helpful when you are designing your kitchen.

Kitchen bar Stools or Cherner Style Stools

Giving furniture like kitchen bar stools or Cherner style stools will add luxurious feel to the spaces. Mapletune is the leading furniture designing company in Kerala to manufacture and deliver best furniture for all your needs. Similarly, different other types of furniture suitable for all sorts of interiors are designed and manufactured by the Mapletune.

Marble Kitchens

The name marble kitchen has always spelled luxury. Having sleek veined organic pattern across a countertop, backsplash or flooring is enough to shape a space. It will be more wonderful, if this effect is across all of that and even cabinet fronts too. Similarly, adding luxury furniture and indoor plants will add good look to the kitchen interiors.

Metallic Touch

You can add a bit of bling. Adding some shiny accessories doesn’t always mean crystal chandeliers or sparkling worktops. You can use copper desk lamps and add a sophisticated metallic touch to the kitchen without being too shiny. Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Kerala to develop best interior spaces with best quality materials. The interior designers of Malabary are inclined to give best modular kitchen interiors.

Create a Garden Feel

Most often we try adding some indoor plants in the kitchen or other interior spaces. What if we are adding a garden in the kitchen interiors? When we hear it, we will feel weird, but it is a good idea to create a kitchen with life. For this, you can beautifully create the kitchen interiors near the outdoors and share some space to enjoy this area from the kitchen. This will add a good vibe in the kitchen spaces.

Elegant Kitchen Lighting

In the modern kind of interior designing, lighting plays a major role. It is for two functions; it will give lights in the area and will also act as a statement piece or attractive piece in the kitchen space. Moreover, there are different kinds of lights to create different feels in the spaces.

Tips to make your Living Rooms feel Cozy

Living rooms are meant to serve multiple purposes. Moreover, there are different sorts of living rooms. It will come in different sizes, shapes, forms, styles and colors. But the essential quality that all living rooms must have in common is coziness. The living room in your house is the space where you spend some quality time with your family and friends. Thus it must for the needs of getting comfortable and a suitable place for cuddling. The living room furniture plays a major role in making the feel cozy. Mapletune is the leading furniture designing company in Kerala to deliver great furniture designs.

Here we can see few ideas that will make you inspired to have a great living room for your houses:

Give a Golden Glow to your Living Room

You can create a living room with warmth. For making it multi-purpose and to look good, you can break the room into zones. This is to enhance the intimacy. Then we can use soft buttery glaze on the walls for giving a golden glow to the room.

Keep your Living Room Family Friendly            

The living room must be designed for the designed for the whole family to enjoy. You can try with rustic exposed beams and layered rugs to make living room approachable and comfortable enough. The Malabary interiors will consider giving best cozy living rooms for your residences. Moreover, you can get it best customized by these leading interior designers in Kerala.

Fill the Room with Books

If you love to read books and see books around you, this is a best idea. For your living room, you can consider adding wall-spanning built-in bookcase which is made of warm wood. You can personalize your modern living room with this. Adding neutral and moody features with big windows and natural lights will make you feel good. This can entertain the guests and it is cozy enough to really make you feel at home and unwind.

A Mix of Black and Gold

Having dark black walls with warm gold and caramel tones can make your living room feel good. You can also make it super cozy, along with formal and regal. This can be done by ideally balancing your living room as the family room.

Opting a Quirky Layout

When we are speaking of funny angles, we make eclectic living rooms with unique layouts. Give sofas configured at an angle to break up the monotony of a classic, symmetrical look of the living room. Adding luxurious fabrics can warm up the open and airy space. Aesthetically, it will be refreshing and unique.

Prepare Your Home for a Dinner Date this Valentine’s Day

Oh, we are still in pandemic and still there are restrictions in place. Thus many of us want to consider having a safe, secure and private dinner date at our residential spaces in this Valentine’s Day. For some it may not be practical as others are with us. In such cases, you can arrange your private rooms for a dinner date. Yes, it is the best time to show your creativity and do some decorations in your spaces.

For some people, it may be a practical and safe option than going to a restaurant. As the concepts and preparations of the people vary, the expenses will also vary. For some people, it will be more expensive than going to a restaurant or hotel and for other it may be less expensive. Before you do the décor, it is considerable to do some sorts of upgrading to your rooms like adding better furniture and decors. The Mapletune is a leading furniture designer in Kerala to design and manufacture modern furniture for different purposes.

You can choose to give different interior decors and ideas for having a wonderful time on Valentine’s Day. This preparation of your space can be done by considering the interests and concepts.

Minimalist or Contemporary Space

When we talk about interior designing, we are familiar about different interior designing styles. Similarly, in case of decorations also we can consider these styles. If you are considering a minimalist style for your space this Valentine’s Day, then you can consider few things. Giving minimalist decors are suitable for the minimalist kind of interiors. You can create these kinds of spaces to look awesome, with few decorative lightings and maintaining a cozy look in the space. The Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Calicut to develop best minimalist interior designs for houses.

In case of a contemporary style, you can add decors suitable to the room interiors as well as by considering your styles. You can consider having inexpensive decors like a candle, some flowers and few such add-ons to the space. This will be less expensive yet stunning to see. For food, you can order from your favorite restaurants and can have them at your place. You can create your own spaces to enjoy a simple date for this Valentine’s Day. For creating a wonderful party space, you can also contact local party organizers that will help in creating a beautiful party space.

Upgrade Your Home Interiors in 2022 – Tips and Tricks

When the New Year arrives, most of us will be in a decision to upgrade their life. In the upgrading of our lives, the place where we live in plays a major role. The tiles, both the floor tiles and wall tiles play a major role in the interiors of houses. Similarly, there are several other things that will be adding to the beauty of your interiors. The Malabary interiors are one of the best interior designers in Kerala to develop best interior designs for houses and offices. The renovation of your interiors will be perfectly done and upgraded by Malabary interiors.

Now we can see that how different areas in a house can be designed according to its purpose. We may be in need of considering certain customized features also.


When it comes to the kitchen interiors, it is the most important part of our house which will require periodic upgrading. Our kitchen will have a number of equipment and utensils, these things may get damaged or outdated. Due to this there will be the need for kitchen renovation in between. Moreover, many people choose to upgrade their kitchen to a new one through the renovations. The modular kitchen interiors were very much trending in the 2021 and it is expected to be even more in 2022. The modular kitchen is a kind of kitchen with modern facilities and features. There will be stylish and comfortable appliances in it. Moreover, the look and feel of the kitchen will be made great for an awesome feeling of the kitchen. With the modern kitchen interior designs, the modular kitchens are created in a more convenient way with improved appliances.

Family Room

The family room or living room is an important part in our house. This is the place where we gather with our family and friends. Thus it must have an attractive look and feel. When we are in need of upgrading this place, we will definitely have to consider the furniture. Upgrading the furniture can do a lot to the family room interiors. The Mapletune is the leading furniture designer in Kerala to develop high quality and standard furniture for all parts of your home.

Furniture will be designed according to the purposes expected with it. Keeping high quality and modern furniture will account for the beauty of your interior spaces. It can be created in a way to suit the theme of the area. Similarly, we can give excellent furniture designs for each part of our houses.

Ways to Meet the New Interior Designs Trends in 2022

When each year passes, we expect to have some great changes and improvements in our life. The year passed was difficult somehow for many of us. As the New Year approaches we might have taken new resolutions and new decisions. Most probably upgrading our houses will be one among them. But at times you will find it difficult with weak financial situations or other problems like lack of ideas or time. The Woodbee is an online Malayalam magazine where you can see a number of interesting topics. Here we can see about few ideas to get a trendy interior design in 2022.

Get Best Forms of Furniture

As we know that interior designs are the major parts of our interiors, making them perfect is important. Furniture in our houses or commercial spaces serves two purposes – styling the space and becoming functional. As the purpose with different furniture is different, they will be kept in different rooms also. Thus it must be able to make that space to look good along with performing its function.

We will be relying on different interior design styles. Thus different styles demands different kinds of furniture styles. The Mapletune is a best furniture designing company in Kerala to manufacture best kinds of furniture. Mapletune has a well skilled team to design and manufacture best kinds of furniture for different interior design needs. Moreover, the quality in designs and materials used in their manufacturing is making them durable for long. This is actually making Mapletune as a leading and trusted furniture designing team in Kerala.

Knowing the Styles and Choosing the Best for You

We will always like to choose the best for us. Choosing the best for us thing in people is showed in every situation in their life. Similarly, when it comes to the interior designs also, people will always look for the best as it is the place where we live in or work. The Malabary interiors are the best interior designing company in Kerala to provide best interior solutions at affordable prices.

You can always choose to have your kind of interior design style. With your chosen kind of style and by considering your suggestions, the Malabary interiors make an interior design which will be perfect for you. The quality of the interior design is maintained by the Malabary interiors along with a good looking and functional interior design space for all your needs.

Tips to Makes your Interiors more Stunning

Everyone will wish to have our interiors stunning; it may be our residential or commercial interiors. Many of us think that for getting best interior solutions, we have to spend a lot. This is not true as it is possible to get best interiors at fewer prices. The only thing is we need to have some idea and have a mind to make it possible. There are number resources available online regarding the interior designs and related topics. The Woodbee is one such best online magazine to give very useful topics related to interiors.

Have a Best Ground Plan

Even if it is a new interior design work or a renovation work, it is important to have a best plan. The plan must be created by considering all our aspects like needs, budget, availability of space, best use of natural resources and much more. Nowadays, you can have a perfect 3D plan for your interior spaces that will let you to understand how your interior spaces will look like after the design. Since it is a 3D representation you can really feel the space. This technique is also making the interior designers in creating perfect solutions as per the client’s needs.

Getting a perfect plan is half done in interior designing like many other services and things in life. Being with good interior designers will help you to make it possible. The Malabary interiors are leading interior designers in Calicut to deliver customized interior design solutions.

Choosing Perfect Color Combinations

The color combinations have a lot to do with the interiors. Choosing best color combinations will make your rooms and spaces exciting. Some also choose to give different themes for their spaces. We can also do interior designs by sticking on to certain interior design styles like modern, contemporary or traditional. We can also do fusion interior designs by combining one or two interior design styles.

Giving Excellent Furniture Solutions

Giving excellent furniture has a lot to do with your interior spaces. They are the major things that will add on to the beauty of your spaces. Choosing stunning furniture will definitely make your interior spaces to look stunning. Other than serving the purposes, best furniture will also serve the property of decors. They can also act as statement pieces in minimalist interior design styles. You can get different varieties and styles of furniture from the house of Mapletune. The Mapletune is the best furniture designing company in Kerala to manufacture wide range of useful and good looking products.

Magazines to Cultivate Reading Habits Online

We might have heard since childhood that we should have learning habits. Our parents might have insisted us to read books so that it will help us to gain more knowledge. But we might have wondered how to develop good reading habits. With improved technologies and smartphones in hands, many are spending more time on these things. Especially the newer generations are spending their time more in their smartphones scrolling through Social Media. These kinds of tendencies are seen in people of all age groups. Many parents feel disturbed as the children are wasting their time in smartphones.

To gain knowledge and cultivate reading habits there are a number of online magazines available that too for free. Moreover, there are different magazines that are giving contents related to particular topics. So that interested people can get subscribed to it. The Woodbee is a best online magazine in India through which you can read a number of topics. This magazine is mainly focusing on useful topics like interior designing, furniture designing and architecture. Other than this several interesting topics that you will find good to read are also included. Reading the Woodbee online magazine will help you gain knowledge and also help to get certain tips that will be helpful.

Benefits of Reading Online

There are a number of benefits for reading online, than we read offline. These benefits had attracted more people towards reading online. Many of the drawbacks with offline reading can be avoided with this. Some of the advantages with the online reading includes:

  • Online reading will help us to gain more knowledge as a number of sources will be easily available at your fingertips.
  • You can get more updated knowledge as they are easily updated and available online.
  • Availability of various sources to read.
  • You can choose your interest area to read.
  • Easily available – online sources are easily available and you don’t have to waste your time in reaching a library or book shop.
  • Easy to search – Searching for a topic is easy online. Searching for a topic in library may not be much easier. Moreover, it will be mostly time consuming.
  • Space saving – If you are a person who wish to read books, then after you buy a number of books you will also require huge storage spaces to store. There will be threat of getting damages for your books from worms or other insects.
  • Reading online is much cost effective as there are a number of free online magazines available. The Woodbee is a leading online magazine in Malayalam offering wide range of interesting and useful topics to read.

Design Tricks that will make your Home Look Expensive

We dream of having a beautiful house with things like floor-to-ceiling windows, waterfall shower in bathroom, kitchen decked out in top grade stainless steel appliances. Most of the times, the only thing standing in your way will be the bank account. Doing interior designs may cost you much if you are not considering certain ideas. The Woodbee is the best interior design magazine in Malayalam to give us several useful ideas. Here you will come across interior design ideas, topics related construction and many other things that we will find interesting.

I am pretty sure that most of you will not have the budget to splurge on all the fanciest features that we would like to have. I didn’t mean that your home has to look cheap. The truth is there are plenty of affordable styling tips you can use for your homes. Now, we can go through certain affordable ideas that can actually make your home look expensive and attractive.

Maximize your Molding

Adding trim details to the existing moldings like bamboo or completely covering the walls in trellis would help. You can paint right over the lattice on the walls and it can give a space instant interest and texture. The Mapletune is the leading furniture designing company in Kerala to give suitable solutions for all kinds of interiors.

Adding Lovely Layers

Incorporating texture and pattern in your home will make it feel layered, considered and chic. Here you can consider adding textured base with a velvet or linen sofa or armchair. Then we can add throw pillows in variety of prints and also textured throw blankets. Finally, you will end up with a finished look that looks expensive.

Giving Personal Touch

Giving personal touch to your interior spaces can benefit you in number of ways. Firstly, it will bring a feeling of your own. Then it is also the best way to expose about our personality and interests. People try adding different things like plants, vases, books and many other smaller items of their interest. This will make you feel more lived in and also turns the space to look more luxurious. The Malabary interiors are the leading interior designers in Kerala to your personal touch your space.

Lighting Getting lit is very important to have an awesome look. It will be a design great hack to use a painted, papered or fabric shade to achieve an expensive look. Patterned shades can be used to make it highly desirable.