Customization of your Interior Needs

As we differ in our ideas, wishes and characters; we will have different tastes for interior designing also. The retro style interior designs are an all-time favorite for people. We are in need of customized interior designs not only in case of residential interiors, but we need it also for shop or office interiors. Being in a particular style of interior designing, the Aura builders are making your interiors customized. With ability in customizing interiors with unique designs the Aura builders have become the leading interior designer in Malappuram.

Customized Living Rooms

The living room of our house must be the most welcoming part of house. This is the place where we welcome our guests and spent time with family and friends. Thus it is very important to think deep before planning a living room. The living room must be like an all-purpose place. For some families it will be the place where they watch TV, play indoor games, have food or anything. So before doing its interiors, consider what all purposes are expected with it.

The living rooms must be comfortable and welcoming at a time. Thus the designs must be so perfect with comfortable furniture like a cozy sofa, well functional tables and other attachments. Similarly, we should be careful while incorporating the accessories and decors. The accessories must fit the style of interior designs. The decors can be art or any other statement piece of your interest that will add beauty to your space. The Aura builders are the best home interior designers in Kottakkal who designs creatively.

Customized Bedroom Interiors

For most of the people bedrooms are the most private space. Thus we will design it perfectly to make it feel as our own. We design it to make us feel peaceful and comfortable from within. Mostly we need it in a cozy form which will allow us to sleep relaxed after the busy parts of our lives. The furniture like the cot, side table and lightings accounts for the bedroom interiors. The curtain and lint is also managed to match with the interior design style. They are well designed by the interior designers of Aura and are arranged perfectly. Similarly, all other parts in a house are done in a more customized manner.

Customized Office Interiors

Not only houses, the offices and other commercial spaces will also require customization of interiors. In case of offices, they are designed to meet the kind of businesses. Moreover, they must be able to design in a form to give a pleasant working atmosphere for the employees. The office interiors are a major part that reflects the status of that particular business. Due to this many entrepreneurs are giving best interior spaces for their offices. The Aura builders are the best office interior designers in Calicut to give customized interiors. 

What are the Different Interior Design Styles?

Even though the interior designs are made in a more customized manner, they follow some styles. Sometimes it may be the fusion of two or more styles. The Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Perinthalmanna to develop different unique styles in interiors. Different parts of your house like kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and more are given peculiar care of their own while designing. Here we discuss about few major interior design styles and how they differ from each other.

Modern Interior Design Style

The modern is actually a broad design term. This typically refers to clean, crisp lines, a monochromatic color palette. This will also include using of materials like different metals, glass and steel. The modern designs will mainly bring a sense of simplicity in all the elements and furniture. They are commonly sleek and have no clutters.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

Most often the modern and contemporary are interchangeably used. The modern design and contemporary design are different in a way that the contemporary has some kinds of strict interpretation of design that started in around the 20th century. The contemporary designs are more fluid and they are with fewer adherences to a particular style. They may include curvy lines which the modern designs may not have. The Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Malappuram to give contemporary interior design styles.

Minimalist Interior Design Style

This style has actually become more popular within few years. It actually takes notions from the modern designs and they are simplified further. The color palettes are commonly neutral and airy. The furnishings are simple and streamlrawined. There will not be extra decorations of accessories here.

Industrial Interior Design Styles

As the name itself implies, they are drawing inspiration from a warehouse or something like an urban loft. There will be a sense of unfinished rawness in everything inside. An exposed brick or wood is common in these kinds of designs. Also there will be one or few abstract pieces in the room. This is done to add a dash of color to the neutral color scheme which will be derived from the primary materials of woods and metals. The Malabary interiors will do it well and are a popular interior designing company in Calicut.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

In case of Scandinavian designs, the furniture will seem like a piece of art, even though it is simple and understated. Many of them have a sculptural influence. Its common characteristics include all white color with incorporation of wood, plastics, enameled aluminum, steel or anything like this. The pops of colors often comes from the usage of arts, throws or from the single piece furniture.

What is a Minimalist Interior Design?

Many people will be familiar with the term minimalist interior design. This is actually stripping things to their most basic form to look beautiful and simple. The minimalist interior designs are very similar to the modern interior design. This requires only bare essentials to create that simple and uncluttered space. This style can be applied to anything from art and lifestyle to architecture or anything that is related. The Aura builders are a great interior designing company in Malappuram to create awesome minimalist interior designs.

Characteristics of Minimalist Interior Designs

This is mainly characterized by simplicity. Here monochromatic colors are used as an accent. There will be clean lines and simple art in it. This is usually combined with an open floor plan, using lots of lights and having some functional furniture. Then we are focusing on shape, color and texture by giving just essential elements. All these characteristics are well studied and understood by the interior designers of Aura. They are efficient and skilled in bringing minimalist interior designs for houses and offices.

Elements of Minimalist Interior Designs

Even though the designs are created in a customized form, there are some essential things to consider. Here we are seeing few essential elements of minimalist interior designs.

  • The Bare Essentials – In the minimalist approach we will use only bare elements. This will definitely give a sense of relaxation in the house. They can be like light and other beautiful materials or arts. These will be usually in an open plan layout so that it can create a sense of freedom. In these cases, there will not be excessive ornamentation or decoration. Only few details that are uncomplicated and blend harmoniously are added into the setting. This could be in the form of a single elegant artwork adorning the room.
  • Clean Lines – The minimalist furniture and accessories are more about functionality and its efficiency. Here flat, clean, smooth surfaces and clean lines will create bold statements which will emphasize its essential nature. Here we are focusing on the purity and simplicity of its shape. You will not find highly patterned furnishings or other detailed ornamentation here. The Aura is a leading minimalist interior designing company in Kochi to create perfect interior design solutions.
  • Usage of Monochromatic Color Palette – For a typical minimalist interior design, the monochromatic color schemes of whites, greys and beiges can be a perfect idea. This is mainly because; they can give that simple look and make your single or minimal art to look elegant. Giving creative and unique interior design ideas had made the Aura to become leading interior designers in Calicut.