Upgrade Your Home Interiors in 2022 – Tips and Tricks

When the New Year arrives, most of us will be in a decision to upgrade their life. In the upgrading of our lives, the place where we live in plays a major role. The tiles, both the floor tiles and wall tiles play a major role in the interiors of houses. Similarly, there are several other things that will be adding to the beauty of your interiors. The Malabary interiors are one of the best interior designers in Kerala to develop best interior designs for houses and offices. The renovation of your interiors will be perfectly done and upgraded by Malabary interiors.

Now we can see that how different areas in a house can be designed according to its purpose. We may be in need of considering certain customized features also.


When it comes to the kitchen interiors, it is the most important part of our house which will require periodic upgrading. Our kitchen will have a number of equipment and utensils, these things may get damaged or outdated. Due to this there will be the need for kitchen renovation in between. Moreover, many people choose to upgrade their kitchen to a new one through the renovations. The modular kitchen interiors were very much trending in the 2021 and it is expected to be even more in 2022. The modular kitchen is a kind of kitchen with modern facilities and features. There will be stylish and comfortable appliances in it. Moreover, the look and feel of the kitchen will be made great for an awesome feeling of the kitchen. With the modern kitchen interior designs, the modular kitchens are created in a more convenient way with improved appliances.

Family Room

The family room or living room is an important part in our house. This is the place where we gather with our family and friends. Thus it must have an attractive look and feel. When we are in need of upgrading this place, we will definitely have to consider the furniture. Upgrading the furniture can do a lot to the family room interiors. The Mapletune is the leading furniture designer in Kerala to develop high quality and standard furniture for all parts of your home.

Furniture will be designed according to the purposes expected with it. Keeping high quality and modern furniture will account for the beauty of your interior spaces. It can be created in a way to suit the theme of the area. Similarly, we can give excellent furniture designs for each part of our houses.


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