How can we do House Interior Designs in Less Budget?

We want our home interiors to be perfectly designed. But the matter is mostly all the time we may feel it costly. There are several solutions to make great interior spaces within the budget. It is not difficult nowadays to get interior design ideas, because there are several interior design and architecture magazine available online. The Woodbee is a best interior design magazine online where you can find a lot of ideas regarding interior designs and architecture. Other than this Woodbee online magazine is discussing a lot of interesting topics that would be beneficial to you.

With the help of skilled and experienced interior designing team like Malabary interiors, you can make your dream come true. They are giving great interior design solutions at budget friendly prices. The customization of interior spaces at a higher level will make your interiors to be more like your wish. The Malabary interiors are the best interior designers in Malappuram to design great interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Here we can see few budget friendly interior design ideas. This will be surely helpful when you are doing interior designs for your houses or offices.

Determine Your Style

The best way to determine your style is to think of how you want a space to feel like. It could be anything like traditional, formal, elegant, playful, humorous, and inviting or anything you feel like. This must be determined first to create a customized space of your own. Then an interior design must be built with budget friendly materials.

Before designing your spaces, the Malabary interiors will take note of design inspirations in every facet of life. Then a perfect design is made out of this. This had actually made the Malabary as a best interior designing company in Kerala.

Build Around Your Space

People often use furniture that is too small or too large for the space. We must think about the balance of the space. In case of larger rooms we can consider establishing different zones for different areas. This will truly help you to avoid certain things that are not needed in your interiors.

Mixing High and Low Price Points

This will help you to make your interiors awesome is a pocket friendly price. You must consider the art or furniture works for you and your needs. Even the most humble objects can have the most soul and be the best attractive thing in the room. Thus you should not be afraid to mix the high and low price points.

Spend Your Quality Time with Awesome Dining Room

Dining rooms have been a traditional space for many years with very little design influx. The reason is, the dining rooms were more focused on utility than style. With more and more people doing great designs for dining rooms and the social world is engaging more profusely in the eating and culture, the dining rooms has got a dramatic revamp. Woodbee, the best interior design magazine in Malayalam has discussed several topics related to the dining room interior design ideas. Here we can see few exciting dining room interior design ideas that you could follow.

Dining Rooms with Clean Walls and Beige Spotlights

Actually whites and beiges had not seen much appreciation in the modern décor era. It has replaced a lot of metallic and ornate over the top dining room designs. This is done to suit the modern and classy guild. This theme will allow you to experiment with colors in the form of flowers, wall art, cutlery and mirrors. Here you can go wild with everything else.

The Beach House Style

We can give nutty and woody textures in the dining table. Here we use textured flooring usually used in beach areas for easy cleaning of sand. If you don’t have such floors replace it with a textured rug. These kinds of spaces are usually done with minimal design elements. You can couple it with upscale surgical chandelier for a perfect dining room.

Using Shades of Grey

Using shades of grey is as modern as it can get. This theme can make the room to look crisp and uncluttered. We can give two major investments like industrial lighting and dining units for these kinds of dining rooms. The Malabary interiors are the leading interior designers in Calicut to deliver different adorable dining room interiors for their customers. Skilled professionals and good dedication in works had made Malabary interiors highly popular across south India.

Basic and Extremely Chic Dining Rooms

Here we can try giving a minimalist style to the dining rooms. We can add a hanging light in the room as a showstopper. Adding classy looking furniture made of materials like steel will make it look awesome. Along with this keeping a flower vase with fresh flowers can give a calm and peaceful feeling in the space.

Adding Pops of Colors

As always there are people who prefer to add more of colors to their spaces. In case of dining room interiors also we can try adding colors for various things. Even we can give bright colors for chairs in the dining rooms. Similarly, adding our favorite painting or other decors will definitely add to this look to make your dining room adorable.

Stunning Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Minimalist interior designs have become popular these days. The design philosophy of minimalist interiors hinges upon cleaner, more sustainable and efficient ways of functioning and living. There are a lot of stylish minimalist room ideas you can see through different Social Medias. The Woodbee is a popular Malayalam online magazine giving many ideas regarding the interior designing, architecture and several useful topics. Similarly, there are a lot of interior designers to design great minimalist interior spaces.

The minimalism is rooted with the principle of simple living habits. This is done with ridding your life of clutter and creating order in everything. This actually includes a great minimalist interior design along with continuously curating your space to have meaningful items rather than having accumulating more things. The minimalist interior design style actually shows you how adaptable it could be with minimum things in the interiors. Here are few minimalist interior design ideas that can be applied easily to your interiors:

Only the Personalized Basics

When we consider a living room interior, what we usually find here is chairs, couch, TV, lamp, etc. When each piece is intentionally curated, it provides personality to the room without being loud or colorful. These common things in the living rooms can be kept in best way to give that personalized minimalist interior design style. Similarly, this idea is considered in all kinds of interior spaces.

Choose the Colors for Minimalist Style

Most commonly the minimalist interiors are done with light or neutral colors. But dark or bold colors can also be used for minimalism. You can use deep, dark colors and still you can give that minimalist vibe for your room. Giving suitable statement piece in this color will give a beautiful look to the space. The Malabary interiors are a leading interior designing company in Kerala to develop customized minimalist interior designs for different spaces.

Ultra Tidy Minimalist Living Rooms

Especially when there is a large space for living rooms, a lot of people get intimidated by white space and will try to decorate every space. But the minimalist interior designs show that this is not necessary. When you add curvy shaped lamp, pillow, table and chairs, they will provide a look with a good personality to this space by their own. The Malabary interiors are giving several unique and customized interior design solutions to all kinds of interior spaces.

Heavy Texture Minimalist Living Room

Here even though the living room is seemingly simple, it will have heavy textures. These heavy textures will not harm the minimalist beautiful look of the room and moreover, it can be added to have an improved look. It could be anything like earthy leather, live-edge wood and much more. Adding heavy textures through the living rooms can be done through different decors or other essential materials. There are also many DIY interior design ideas related to this. The Malabary interiors are giving several interior designs that will help you to do renovation works of your own. This excellence had given the Malabary the name of best interior designers in Calicut.

Are Feeling your Home Congested? Consider these Ideas for Space-saving

Congestion of spaces is seen in both small space interiors as well as large space interiors. This problem mainly occurs due to collection of many unwanted things. This condition is prevailing in most of the houses, even if they look beautiful from outside. You can change the congested look and feel of your house even if it does not have a perfect interior design. The Woodbee is a popular interior design magazine in Malayalam giving best solutions to different interior related problems. You can read several other useful topics in Malayalam through the Woodbee magazine.

Here we can see few ideas to save space in both small space and large spaces. These are few techniques that you can easily implement for your interiors. Moreover, you can also get to know more about different arrangements for houses.

Use Multifunctional Furniture        

You can definitely save space in your apartment or house by creative placement of furniture. Using multipurpose or foldable furniture can save you more space. For example, things like wall beds, extension tables, and foldaway desks and similar other furniture can save space in your interiors. These types of furniture work well, especially in small apartments.

Smart Storage System

Smart storage system is necessary to keep your interior space clutter free. Moreover, having right storage is essential to stock all your needy things. Giving separate storage for different kinds of things will make you more convenient. This can make you home organized as well as save spaces. For example, Ottomans stools and beds with storage. The Woodbee furniture design magazine has a lot of written articles in Malayalam dealing with several furniture design ideas.

Paint White or Neutral Colors

Giving white or any neutral colors in the rooms will give an illusion of looking spacious. Using other types of colors will kill this illusion.Even though it is an age old technique, this is a suitable idea for modern or minimalist interior designs.

Keeping Mirrors

Keeping large mirrors or multiple numbers of mirrors can also give an illusion of large space. This technique will be suitable for traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, minimalist or modern interior designs. Using mirrors in the walls can also seem to be a décor. This can add charm to space along with making it to look spacious. The Woodbee interior design and architecture magazine in Malayalam is explaining about several interior design hacks that will be useful in your daily life.

What is Vastu Shastra? What is its Importance?

Vastu Shastra literally known as the ‘science of architecture’ is originated from India. It is actually a pseudoscientific traditional Indian system of architecture. The Vastu Shastras mainly incorporate traditional Hindu and some Buddhist beliefs. This Vastu Shastra is considered by most of the Indian families during their house construction. It mainly deals with principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, special geometry and special arrangement. The designs are aimed to integrate architecture with nature and also it includes relative functions of various parts of structure. It is based on the ancient beliefs, utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments.

The ancient Vastu Shastra principles includes those for the design of Hindhu temples, also the principles for the design and layout of houses, roads, cities, towns, shops, public areas, gardens, water works, etc. Now the Vastu Shastra is followed by most of the people irrespective of their religion. People prefer to develop a house plan by following the things in Vastu Shastra. The Woodbee is an online Malayalam magazine offering its readers best topics related to this. Different topics have been discussed here to ensure you better knowledge rearding the Vastu Shasra and how it can be implemented in your construction. Moreover, you can feel free to ask any kinds of doubts related to this through the Woodbee magazine.

Modern Adaptation and Usage of Vastu Shastra

The Vastu Shastra represents a body of ancient concepts. This provides knowledge to many modern architects but is not a rigid code. For example, the square grid mandala is viewed as a model of organization but it is not viewed as a ground plan. In the ancient Vastu Shastra texts, there describes functional relations and some adaptable alternative layouts for various rooms or other utilities. Moreover, this doesn’t mean every room or building has to be in square shape. This theme is basically around core elements of central space, direction with respect to sunlight, peripheral zones and the expected functions of the spaces.

Different architects states that the principles of Vastu Shastra are witnessing a major revival in the recent times. It was ignored in the colonial era constructions due to many reasons. But now it is widely used in planning and designing of individual houses, different residential complexes, commercial and industrial spaces, etc. It is also used in major public projects in India by making use of ancient iconography and mythological art works. The Woodbee magazine is the best interior designing and architecture magazine in Malayalam to provide several updations regarding the Vastu and their use in the world of architecture.

Read Effective Home Management Tips Online

Getting to know home management tips will be very much helpful for most of us. Knowing these kinds of ideas will help you to keep your home neat, tidy and well organized. The Woodbee is the best online Malayalam magazine is a best to read magazine giving several useful and interesting topics to read. Bringing quality and good contents had given better popularity to the Woodbee magazine. Moreover, reading these kinds of magazines will help you to get ideas regarding several DIYs. Similarly, you will get to know many other cost effective solutions for your exterior and interior designs.

Making you to Manage Efficiently

Home management is an unavoidable part for most of the people. Sometimes we may not get much time to take care of our house deeply. Reading these kinds of magazines had made many people efficient. By reading several magazines you will come across different sorts of interesting topics as well as useful topics. There will be things that you will get to implement in your part of life. You will definitely find these online magazines to be helpful.

The Woodbee magazine is focusing on several ideas and concerns of interior designs, introducing new interior design materials, ways to take care of your house and much more. Moreover, you will get to know about latest trends in interior designing and also regarding the furniture. Explaining about useful tips and techniques had gained many readers to this magazine. The Woodbee is the popular furniture Magazine in Kerala where you will get to know more about the pros and cons of different furniture along with the trending ideas. This will definitely help in managing your houses efficiently.

Reading Online Magazines – A Budget Friendly Habit You can have

Most of the online magazines are giving free subscription to the readers. The readers subscribed to it will get notifications on all updates and they can enjoy read the topic for free. But in case of offline magazines, the case is different. You have to pay for the magazine you read and it is sometimes a costly option when you choose costly articles or magazines. Moreover, the burden of carrying them from one place to another place can also be avoided by choosing online magazines. You can read them from anywhere anytime. Thus choosing online magazines are never a costly option to read. Similarly, the convenience provided by them is making them more suitable one. The Woodbee is a best online magazine in Kerala which you will find more convenient. Thus this budget friendly habit can bring you the power for best management of your house.

Benefits of Online Magazines over Offline Magazines

Nowadays, the online magazines also called as the digital magazines are getting popular. Many of the publishers are also thinking of moving their business to the digital world. In the most recent years, you can see the popularity of offline or printed magazines had been declining. This diffusion has occurred mainly due to the many advantages of the online magazines. There are also a number of online magazines available in the digital world where you can read different sorts of topics. The Woodbee is a popular Malayalam online magazine offering different useful and interesting topics to read. Here we can see few important benefits with online magazines.

Lower Costs

In case of a paper magazine, they have to be printed distributed and finally sold by the newsagents. All these processes incur a cost. On the contrary, digital magazines allow their publishers to distribute their magazines on the web. There won’t be the pay for commercial mediation of suppliers and sellers. In case of online magazines, you will require only few initial investments and later you will get readers according to the quality and frequency of your posts.


On social networks, people are getting the platform to interact about the topics. They can comment, give likes and do private comments. This will enable people to get in contact with your company also. This is actually giving a great chance to listen to your audience. You can get a better understanding regarding the public’s liking and dislikingtowards your magazine. The Woodbee is actually offering a better interaction for the readers in their magazine. It is the best furniture related magazine in Malayalam.

Ads Hosting

When you are having an online magazine, eventually you will attract more readers towards your website. Consequently, you will be able to host ads related to your topics or industry. This will gain you by giving more earnings. To avoid the risk of ads annoying the readers, the digital media is avoiding unwanted and boring ads. The ads are interactive and are studied to engage the public as they read your magazine.

Global Distribution

This is actually an added advantage to the owners. As the offline publications can be distributed to a limited area, it a drawback. Otherwise it will require much capitation and formalities to reach globally. This will be a difficult as well as costly process. For an online magazine to reach its readers there is no geographical barrier. Every issue of your magazine can be bought to everyone worldwide. This can increase the income to the company as well as build the company image. In case of the Woodbee, Malayalam interior design and architecture magazine a translation option is available to read in English. This is also helping the magazines to get popular globally.

Importance of Reading in our Daily Life

With the advancement and modernization, it is important to keep the reading habits. Having reading habits is very important in one’s life because it can benefit you in number of ways. There are many reading mediums available. Some prefer to have traditional kind of reading and other are depending on e-books and other materials available in the internet. There are many online magazines available to read. Such magazines are providing latest and updated knowledge regarding several things.

The Woodbee is a Malayalam online interior design magazine providing topics in daily basis. This magazine is focusing mainly on the interior designing and decors, exterior designing, constructions and architecture. The Woodbee magazine also focus on different other trending topics and news. There are different topics of top benefits that apply to your house construction and daily life. It is said that magazines are a treat to read.

Benefits of Reading Magazines

Reading magazines can benefit you in different ways. It could be an online magazine or offline magazine. The online magazine like Woodbee is extremely focusing on interesting and useful topics to benefit their readers. Some of the benefits with reading magazines include:

You can keep up with changing trends – Usually the magazines package information in a glossy and attractive way. This can attract the readers. They will carry updated information about trending topics. It is also based on the kind of magazine, whether it is a generic lifestyle magazine or it can be a magazine on a niche subject. Flipping through the online Malayalam interior and architecture magazine like Woodbee will be beneficial for the readers in construction and maintenance of their home. Moreover, the Woodbee is providing an opportunity to read in Malayalam, that most people will find more interesting.

Increase Your Knowledge – It is a fact that most us and not aware about a thing until it becomes a need. We will research and try to learn more about interior designing and construction, when we have a plan to construct a house or building. Otherwise people will read on the magazines related to their interest area. Fashion enthusiasts will read fashion magazines and people interested in topics like interior designing will read such magazines.

Passing time, without wasting time – Wasting our time in non-beneficial and purely entertaining activities will not do well in the long run. Thus finding an alternative like entertaining as well as beneficial is important. Reading magazines are thus a safe and reliable option for most of the people.

Reduce the Stress – Most of us may get stressed at the end of the day. The stress may occur due to different reasons, but their consequences will be worse. The Woodbee is a popular interior designing magazine in Malayalam focusing on beneficial topics. Psychologists say that people with good reading habits are prone to less stress and anxiety related disorders. Moreover, it can keep your mind healthy and you can gain knowledge by reading. Thus reading something daily can prevent stress. This is essential to uplift your mood and feel refreshed and rejuvenated in your life. Thus try to read at least a small topic daily.

Woodbee – A Complete Online Daily Magazine in Malayalam

Reading is always a pleasure for many people. With the day by day improvements in digital platforms, everything in daily life is getting digitalized. Similarly, the reading is also digitalized. There are a number E-books to read that will be available in apps or you can buy them. The digitalization had also turned the people to prefer online reading. This will prevent them in buying books or magazines and spending storage spaces in their houses. There are a number on online magazines available in English, but not in Malayalam. The Woodbee is the first introduced Malayalam online magazine for interior designing and architecture.

Peculiarities of Woodbee Magazine

The articles in Woodbee are published on daily basis. This will enable you to have stuffs to read daily. The magazine mainly covers things related to interior designing, exterior designing, construction and architecture. This also covers different other news and facts that is influencing our life. The contents you come across in this magazine is not only entertaining, but they are aimed bringing a useful effect for the reader.

The team of Woodbee is especially concerned about giving useful contents to the readers. Spending some time to read this magazine won’t be a waste of time or simply a time pass. There will the contents that you will find useful in designing your home or office, purchasing a property, creative DIY decors and much more. The contents in this magazine are purely created in such a way to entertain and also to keep the reader engaged. This has actually bought people more attractive towards the Woodbee interior and architecture online magazine.

There are also blogs written regarding products reviews. It is always better to learn from the experience of others before getting any products. This will be helpful for you when you are feeling to buy any such things. There are reviews mainly of certain interior decors or other useful things. People read magazines for two purposes, one is just to pass time and other is to gain some knowledge. Both these purposes can be perfectly performed with the Woodbee magazine.

The Well Updated Malayalam Magazine

The Woodbee magazine is getting updated ideas from the leading interior designers across the world. Moreover, there are blogs based on interviews with leading experts in interior designing and architecture. Giving many innovative ideas, topics related to vastu (especially important for Malayalees) and several decorative ideas had made the Woodbee as a popular online Malayalam magazine in Kerala.