The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic had actually made us understand the importance of our interiors. There will be interior spaces for our houses, most beautifully done. This lockdown shows that then just becoming beautiful, it must be efficient. Moreover, the home offices were a major needed thing for most professionals during this time. The Malabary interiors can make each and every part of your interior space into a good performing place. The efficiency of the Malabary interiors had made them the best interior designers in Calicut. Here we are discussing a few ideas that can help you to have perfect home office spaces.


In your home, it is always better to keep a separate place for office works. Try to choose these places away from the usual noisy parts of your home. This doesn’t mean that a separate room, it can be a convenient nook in your home. Whatever may be your space for home offices, the Malabary interiors will make it the best one.





As different people will be different professionals, their requirements with these places will also differ. In the case of IT professionals, they will require a comfortable space to work and keep their laptops. But in the case of architects, they will require a comparatively larger space to hold their drawing equipment and comfortably work. In the case of doctors, they will require space to check their patients and to keep medical equipment. So they will require a much larger space. Similarly, it differs with each profession. The Malabary interiors are capable of designing your home offices, into a suitable one for your needs. The ability to do customized interior designs for houses and offices had made the Malabary popular in Kerala.


After choosing the space or the room creating it the best functional area is in the hands of the interior designers. This will actually let you understand the role of interior designers in designing your houses. The Malabary interiors are one of the leading interior designers in Kerala, who are creating perfect interiors.

The designing team from the Malabary will truly understand the needs and will take suggestions from the clients. The interior designs will be created based on this. After working out on this, a 3D representation is shown to the clients. This will enable them to get a real picture of their interior spaces. In the case of home offices, they can suggest storage spaces and sitting places. You can contact the Malabary interior designing company for more ideas and suggestions for your home offices.


buildThis year’s summer vacation is a little different. We are locked inside and have no tours and travels due to the spread of the pandemic disease COVID-19. So it’s time to stay better at home. For this, you can rearrange your interiors. Sometimes we may lack ideas and we need professional advice. In such cases, you can contact experienced interior designers. You can do this with the help of the best interior designers in Malappuram, the Malabary interiors. The customers can get further interior designs from Malabary interior designers on their houses after the lockdown system. Continue reading to get a cooling idea and its benefits on your interiors.


Keeping the plant in your indoors will be beautiful and will also help in elevating the look of your home. But you must know that greenery interiors are not just for looks, they can be benefitted. Maybe because of the beauty of plants, they have a positive effect on the moods and reduce the stress level. The effect of indoor plants will hold this property even in less personal environments like indoor landscaping in the building. This suggests that there is a correlation between indoor greenery and a person’s well-being.


This summer, bringing greenery inside your houses will be a great way to make you feel cool. First, you have to get some arrangements for plants. This is actually the simplest and easy thing that you can do in your interiors and get good benefits. This will also encourage you to keep your home neat and clean. Thus the plants are giving you a peaceful feel in your home. Remember these are the improvements that you can do of your own without others help.


You can your self do some renovation works in your home interiors. This can be done by adding some adding some decors or doing some rearrangements in the interiors. Moreover, you can see for the changes in your houses and then contact an interior designer for help. The Malabary interiors have been doing several renovation interior designing works since years. Thus the Malabary interior designing company became a leading interior designer in Calicut.


bedroom-389254_1280Only a well-designed interior space can be the best place to live in. Our home will be the place for relaxing and thus it is necessary to get that feeling. The Malabary interiors truly understand the needs of the customers. They are designed by considering the demands of the people. Being the popular interior designer in Malappuram, the Malabary interiors had created a number of beautiful spaces. Adorable interior designs came out as a result of passion for interior design.


This is a common and relevant question that most of us will have. We may also find different answers to this question. Above all, the majority of the people will make a house only once in their lifetime. Our home is our host in living. There is nothing wrong with wishing a good interior space at lesser prices. The Malabary interiors will make this dream of many people to come into reality.

The interior designs have a major role in one’s mental and physical state. It is necessary to have a good interior design to have a good life. Psychology says that our surroundings have a major role in our minds. Only a relaxed and good vibe can make you happy and live longer. The interiors of our houses are the major places where we spend with our loved ones. Hence it must be beautiful enough to make your special moments memorable.

Being a suitable and good quality interiors are necessary. The Malabary interiors are using the best quality products for designing. High standard products from brands like Febg are used by Malabary interiors. A well-performing interior on any occasion will be an asset to the client. This will prevent them from depending on other things during any functions.


Personal space has to be designed based on the taste of the person who lives in it. For example, you must consider arts or paintings in the rooms of a person who has such tastes. In some cases, music will be the passion, so change it in such a suitable way. While designing such places, personal touch to their life will give life to the designs. The Malabary interiors are the best ones where you can get the latest bedroom interior designs.

It must offer a perfectly relaxed atmosphere. The person supposed to be here should be able to feel the peace of mind and a good vibe. Care must be taken while doing such designs mainly because it will be affecting the other parts of their life.


traditional design

However, we are modernized and our living areas are also modified, we will have some kind of our traditional touches. It might differ from religion to religion, one place to another place, or from person to person, even then we will have our own kind of home touches. These are our personal touches.

Our personal touches are those things which we can’t be without. As our ancestors say that our homes reflect our character and personality, it is a must that we should have a good home to have a good personality.

Rearranging a space is difficult as it may have some kinds of interiors of other choices and changing the furniture and others will also cost much. It can be modified as little as our wishes up to an extent. We can also modify the interior design with the help of an efficient interior designer or the best interior design company.

Another case is that when we are doing the interior of new space it is necessary that it should cope with our traditional ideas. Otherwise, we may not get the exact beauty of the interior design or the decorations made by you. Thus, it comes to be a necessary part that both are interrelated.

Malabary Interiors are one of the best interior designer in Kerala, which will consider all the aspects of the customer while designing an interior design. Covering both the traditional and the modern parts of interior designing in keeping with your standards and wishes has been a difficult task for many but Malabary Interiors meet the demands.

Experienced and qualified architects and interior designers of Malabary Interiors can surely help you to achieve your dreams as such at the very affordable prices. With that Malabary Interiors always assure good quality services at the on-time for your work. And is blessed with a number of satisfied customers.


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03There are many people who seem to have great taste in case of interior designing, even without trying. Possibly you are one of them. Few of the new decorating secrets are explained below. Go ahead with your interest area.

Firstly, you keep in mind that colors will do a lot in your room during interior designing. So we are going to discuss more the colors. For a perfect makeover, the first one is creating a palette. It will be better if you come up with a basic color scheme for the whole house and then try to take that from room to room. It will be authentic if we are providing a splash of color the window trims.

01Another architectural way of using color for the perfect color family is mixing the batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker than the base. It will be a better idea for striping a wall as it will surely look beautiful in one or the other way.

Regarding the mirror and the furniture, the low height furniture will make the room seems taller. They feel luxurious and roomy even though they are not big. Using large mirrors will look commercial, so trying a sectioned pattern in the traditional French style is a better option.

Neutral decor can be interesting in interior designing. It is just including a variety of materials like raw silk, taffeta, cotton velvet, distressed velvet, open – weave linen and so on. It is not just the variety of materials but there is also the contrast of matte sheens that absorb the light and lustrous sheens that reflect it.

02Here is a good idea for making a temporary space look beautiful, even with a small budget. Just imagine how if the irregular surface just sparkles all the more. There is no need for having the painters sand, which we are using for ages to produce mirror smooth walls. And doing this in rental also costs much. This is one of the best ideas to make your space look elegant with a minimum budget.

A kitchen with cabinets from floor to ceiling can look dark. In such cases, if we paint the ceiling a slightly paler version of the walls so that the room seems brighter even with a few windows in the room. Also, the eye-catching tiles will make the kitchen and the bathroom more attractive and it will make a statement. The ideas, as you think are almost limitless and Malabary Interiors are good at designing, mainly due to this reason.

We, at malabary Interiors will consider many such ideas and tips in designing. We also have efficient designers and workers who provide only quality services. Thus becoming one of the best interior designing company in Kerala.


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Do you want to have your kid’s room with a purposeful decoration?

kids room interior

Interior room for kids

For every parent, children are the greatest wealth and they are the energy and happiness of every home.  And so are their special needs and desires. Thus it is important to provide a nurturing, comfortable, relaxing and safe environment for growth and development.

As the psychology says, the characters of children are molded from the society in which he lives and also from the environment and situations of his surroundings. As imperative as schools are, bedrooms play and equally important role in their intellectual and physical development. It is the space where these young buds go around with their dreams, day to day thoughts and also foster their hobbies.

We Malabary interiors are always paying attention to give a calming spacious and organized room, which not only decorates but also makes them kid-friendly.

best interior designer in Kerala_Feza Interiors

Work station for kids

Kids usually have a lot of stuff like toys, books, sports, gear, clothes and many other things. Thus efficient storage space is necessary for the kid’s room while designing. We design the room by we also design the room by making use of the wall space and some hidden spaces in the room like the back of the door, the side of the cote and so on. We also concentrate in providing adequate drawers and cabinets built around to have care of their books and other school necessity, which will help them to organize their room properly so that there are less mess and clutter.

The younger minds are not like adults; they always stick on their likes and dislikes and rarely sacrifice for others. We thus design the kid’s room in such a way that they look attractive and also it should be the most admirable place.  We always concentrate in providing suitable designs for kids in consideration with their favorite cartoon characters, favorite colors and their comfort.

interior design Cochin

Malabary Interiors, the best interior designer in Kerala, are specialized in the field of kids room designing have many satisfied clients throughout Kerala. We are providing customer-friendly and aesthetic designs in keeping with the standards at affordable prices.


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