Are Feeling your Home Congested? Consider these Ideas for Space-saving

Congestion of spaces is seen in both small space interiors as well as large space interiors. This problem mainly occurs due to collection of many unwanted things. This condition is prevailing in most of the houses, even if they look beautiful from outside. You can change the congested look and feel of your house even if it does not have a perfect interior design. The Woodbee is a popular interior design magazine in Malayalam giving best solutions to different interior related problems. You can read several other useful topics in Malayalam through the Woodbee magazine.

Here we can see few ideas to save space in both small space and large spaces. These are few techniques that you can easily implement for your interiors. Moreover, you can also get to know more about different arrangements for houses.

Use Multifunctional Furniture        

You can definitely save space in your apartment or house by creative placement of furniture. Using multipurpose or foldable furniture can save you more space. For example, things like wall beds, extension tables, and foldaway desks and similar other furniture can save space in your interiors. These types of furniture work well, especially in small apartments.

Smart Storage System

Smart storage system is necessary to keep your interior space clutter free. Moreover, having right storage is essential to stock all your needy things. Giving separate storage for different kinds of things will make you more convenient. This can make you home organized as well as save spaces. For example, Ottomans stools and beds with storage. The Woodbee furniture design magazine has a lot of written articles in Malayalam dealing with several furniture design ideas.

Paint White or Neutral Colors

Giving white or any neutral colors in the rooms will give an illusion of looking spacious. Using other types of colors will kill this illusion.Even though it is an age old technique, this is a suitable idea for modern or minimalist interior designs.

Keeping Mirrors

Keeping large mirrors or multiple numbers of mirrors can also give an illusion of large space. This technique will be suitable for traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, minimalist or modern interior designs. Using mirrors in the walls can also seem to be a décor. This can add charm to space along with making it to look spacious. The Woodbee interior design and architecture magazine in Malayalam is explaining about several interior design hacks that will be useful in your daily life.

What is Vastu Shastra? What is its Importance?

Vastu Shastra literally known as the ‘science of architecture’ is originated from India. It is actually a pseudoscientific traditional Indian system of architecture. The Vastu Shastras mainly incorporate traditional Hindu and some Buddhist beliefs. This Vastu Shastra is considered by most of the Indian families during their house construction. It mainly deals with principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, special geometry and special arrangement. The designs are aimed to integrate architecture with nature and also it includes relative functions of various parts of structure. It is based on the ancient beliefs, utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments.

The ancient Vastu Shastra principles includes those for the design of Hindhu temples, also the principles for the design and layout of houses, roads, cities, towns, shops, public areas, gardens, water works, etc. Now the Vastu Shastra is followed by most of the people irrespective of their religion. People prefer to develop a house plan by following the things in Vastu Shastra. The Woodbee is an online Malayalam magazine offering its readers best topics related to this. Different topics have been discussed here to ensure you better knowledge rearding the Vastu Shasra and how it can be implemented in your construction. Moreover, you can feel free to ask any kinds of doubts related to this through the Woodbee magazine.

Modern Adaptation and Usage of Vastu Shastra

The Vastu Shastra represents a body of ancient concepts. This provides knowledge to many modern architects but is not a rigid code. For example, the square grid mandala is viewed as a model of organization but it is not viewed as a ground plan. In the ancient Vastu Shastra texts, there describes functional relations and some adaptable alternative layouts for various rooms or other utilities. Moreover, this doesn’t mean every room or building has to be in square shape. This theme is basically around core elements of central space, direction with respect to sunlight, peripheral zones and the expected functions of the spaces.

Different architects states that the principles of Vastu Shastra are witnessing a major revival in the recent times. It was ignored in the colonial era constructions due to many reasons. But now it is widely used in planning and designing of individual houses, different residential complexes, commercial and industrial spaces, etc. It is also used in major public projects in India by making use of ancient iconography and mythological art works. The Woodbee magazine is the best interior designing and architecture magazine in Malayalam to provide several updations regarding the Vastu and their use in the world of architecture.